Rachelle Dickstein

I’m Rachelle Dickstein. Born in 1982, I grew up in Be’er Sheva in the Chabad movement. The process of disaffiliating took me five years, from when I was 18 to 23Rachelle Dickstein picture. I first heard about Hillel from a friend who had also split from extreme Orthodoxy, and on his recommendation, I made the call. I received a scholarship through Hillel, and today I’m a language and literature editor, as well as an author. I have plans to move forward, develop in my field and write more plays and books. The most important recommendation I have for anyone thinking of leaving ultra-Orthodoxy is: Don’t go through it alone!

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Sara Reich picture

Sarah Reich

I’m Sarah Reich, 33 years old. I left the ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem about 4 years ago with my two sons now aged 9 and

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תומו חן תמונה

Tomo Chen

I am Tomo Chen, a volunteer at Hillel; I work as a copywriter and live in Tel Aviv. I volunteered at Hillel’s transition apartments in

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טובי אליס תמונה

Toby Alice

I’m Toby Alice, born in 1989. I live in Ramat Gan, but am originally from Beitar Illit, and I was raised in the Lithuanian Charedi

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