Hillel Centers

Hillel Centers, located in key regional cities throughout Israel, constitute the beating heart of the organization.

The Centers host over 600 planned and spontaneous events and activities each year; while providing a comprehensive range of programs and services that Hillel members rely upon to meet immediate needs, and to achieve long-term goals and objectives. 

Whether it’s a warm and welcoming meeting place, psychosocial services, counseling, legal aid, housing assistance, educational support or employment services, Hillel Centers are the address.

They also provide staff and volunteers with centralized locations from which to coordinate support for Yotzim B’sheila in the geographic regions that Hillel serves nationwide; and from which to manage local partnerships and volunteer activities.

Hillel Centers offer a huge array of options, activities and solutions. But for the Hillel family – Yotzim, staff and volunteers – the most important thing that they offer is a Home. A safe haven from which to enter the shifting realities of everyday life with stability and purpose. And that is something that every one of us needs.