Aryeh Rogel


Aryeh is currently employed by the Department of Education of the Jerusalem Municipality where, among other duties, he manages an elementary school in Beit Shemesh and the Hebrew Gymnasium in Jerusalem.    He is a long-time Hillel volunteer.


Miki Eran

Board Member

Miki worked for 26 years at the Bank of Israel in the Governor’s Office and Overseas Foreign Exchange Department where she was both Advisor to the Governor, and the bank’s representative to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). She has taught also taught in the Department of Economics at the Hebrew University.      Miki is a long-time Hillel volunteer.

Leora Deco

Board member

Leora spent 28 years as the Israeli Representative and Sales Manager for a foreign airline. She has been involved at many levels of the organization’s activities over the years; and is the volunteer representative and primary coordinator between the organization’s professional staff and its 700+ nationwide volunteer force.

Ilan Eran

Board member

Ilan is an attorney and had a private legal practice from 1975 until retirement in 2016. He is a long time Hillel volunteer and has been a personal mentor to many Yotzim. He has headed the Hillel Scholarships Committee from 2014 to present.

Omer Galin

Board member

Omar is Director, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the Pioneer Wealth Management Group, with portfolio management and marketing licenses and services in Israel, South Africa, USA and Canada. 

Jacob Moses

Jacob is the Representative to the Board from the community of Yotzim. A Hillel community member, Jacob is 24 years old, and currently serves as an IDF officer with duties in industrial management.

Nili Shani

Board member

Nili’s life’s work has been in Education with her last post as the Pedagogical Director of a Jerusalem high school. She has been a Hillel volunteer for 10 years; and an active volunteer leader in many areas of our programming.

Dalia Blank

Board member

Dalia has been an attorney for over 40 years, much of that time at Bank Leumi, where she started as a junior lawyer and eventually rose to the position of Chief Legal Counsel before retiring in 2017. She also served as the bank’s sexual abuse prevention officer, a position she saw as a mission, and that was a complex and sensitive part of her job. Dalia has been a Hillel volunteer since 2017.

Yishai Yuval

Board member

Yishai began his professional life as a high school teacher in Israel and abroad. He currently manages a development team at an Israeli Hi-Tec firm. Yishai is also a certified personal trainer and therapist, and a long-time Hillel volunteer.

Yosef Cohen

Board member

Yosef has a degree from the Technion in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and works as an engineer in the field. He has been a Hillel volunteer since 2018.



Eli Tzahor

Board member

CEO and owner of Barometer Investment Management.

Volunteer at Hillel for 4  years, coordinates the financial support team.

BA and MA in Economics and Business Administration from Bar Ilan University.
Master’s degree in Jewish history from Tel Aviv University.
Married and father of three daughters.