Sarah Reich

Sara Reich pictureI’m Sarah Reich, 33 years old. I left the ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem about 4 years ago with my two sons now aged 9 and 12.The hardest thing, in the beginning, is being alone in a completely foreign world – without education, employment and not knowing even basic social rules. I know that it’s a funny thing to say, but Hillel has been my father and my mother. They were the only ones who helped me financially, emotionally, without asking anything in return. I received counseling, housing subsidies, and counseling for my sons. During COVID-19 we received food voucher parcels and a laptop so that the boys could learn at distance. I’m self-employed, and in the past worked as an events planner. Currently, I’m striving to establish myself as an author, copywriter and presenter. I’ve always been a self-starter and I always find a way. But sometimes we all need help.
To those considering taking this step I would say: Take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment, every moment – that’s what it is to appreciate life and to be satisfied.