Ido Lev

I’m Ido Lev, born in 1979 and currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. In the past, I lived in Rehovot and grew up there in the Hasidic communityIdo Lev picture. I left about 15 years ago, and I got in touch with Hillel about two years later after seeing a random ad in the newspaper, in a section dedicated to organizations that help people in all kinds of distress. Through Hillel, I received help with housing, social support, psychological support and a scholarship. I’m currently a software development manager at Agora, but more importantly the proud father of adorable twins.
I would urge those who are thinking of disaffiliating from ultra-Orthodoxy to receive psychological support. I continued with my psychologist for several years after leaving, and it helped me a lot on many different levels.

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Sara Reich picture

Sarah Reich

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תומו חן תמונה

Tomo Chen

I am Tomo Chen, a volunteer at Hillel; I work as a copywriter and live in Tel Aviv. I volunteered at Hillel’s transition apartments in

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טובי אליס תמונה

Toby Alice

I’m Toby Alice, born in 1989. I live in Ramat Gan, but am originally from Beitar Illit, and I was raised in the Lithuanian Charedi

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