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Welcome to Hillel! 

We are an Israeli-nonprofit dedicated to helping young adults who have left the ultra-orthodox world, and we are so glad you are interested in joining us - whether as someone who recently left the ultra-orthodox world, or as a volunteer. We help hundreds of people each year, and the bulk of our work is carried out by a network of over 250 volunteers. 

Our goal is to help every single one of our participants lead successful lives as members of Israeli society. We believe that all people have the right to choose the lifestyle they want, and we therefore never try to convince anybody to change their lifestyle - we only help those who have already made an independent decision to become less religious. Leaving the ultra-orthodox world involves tremendous challenges, as those who leave are cut off by their families and communities, and do not have the education needed to get jobs. Hillel is the only organization in Israel dedicated to helping former ultra-orthodox Jews, and as such provides them with a full set of services including psychological counseling, housing, educational scholarships, vocational help, and mentorship. Our goal is to help every single one of our participants lead the lives they have always wanted. 


A Note on Terminology

In these pages, people who leave the ultra-orthodox world are called "Yotzim Leshe'elah" (or "Yotze"). This phrase, which has no exact equivalent in English, means "one who has left to question," and refers to a person who no longer maintains absolute theological certainties, and instead has many questions about the world and religion. 

Although this site uses masculine pronouns for convenience, all materials apply to both men and women.

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