Joining Hillel

Joining Hillel - The Hillel Eligibility Program

The Eligibility Program begins with a phone call to the Hotline. If, during the conversation, it
seems as if the person defines himself as a Yotze and meets the criteria for joining the
organization – a meeting is set up with a professional, who continues processing the request.

The purpose of this first meeting is to coordinate expectations and examine the integration
capabilities of the Yotze within the organization. In addition, the Yotze receives further
information about the organization and its services.

The second and final stage of this process is a face to face meeting at the local branch. The
purpose of the meeting:

 -  Acquainting them with the various activities provided by Hillel.
 -  Preliminary examination of the needs of the yotze.
 -  Recommendations for contacting the appropriate team professionals or volunteers.

 - All Yotzim, who are interested in joining the organization, go through the entire process,
even if they left the orthodox society years before.

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