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Volunteering in Hillel is an opportunity to get to know talented young people, and to help them with their difficult struggle to leave the haredi world.  The activities organized by Hillel are based on volunteers who dedicate many worthy hours of their time and effort. This is unique to Hillel, and demonstrates the great importance that our volunteers see in their work to achieve Hillel’s goals.

To volunteer in Hillel is to deal in matters of critical, life-determining importance.  We approach our work with utmost responsibility and seriousness.  A candidate volunteer must take an extensive course to prepare him for his role.  The course prepares the volunteer for meeting yotzim by explaining the haredi world, by describing the emotional process the yotze goes through and the difficulties he encounters.  The course also explains the method by which yotzim are accepted by Hillel, the tools that are available to the volunteer to help the yotze, different roles that are available in Hillel, etc.

Our volunteers are able to advise yotzim on a wide range of issues that are of importance to   yotzim in their entrance into “free” Israeli society: completion of education, army service, employment, housing, fitting in to society, etc.



Manning the “Open Call Line”

Personal guidance

Private lessons

Administrative help: office, archives, documentation

Help in management and maintenance of our internet site

Fund raising

Marketing and advertising

Professional help: psychologists, social workers, lawyers

Event organization



Orientation Course for  Volunteers


Applying to Volunteer

Questionnaire for Potencial Volunteers (in Hebrew)




Hillel has a volunteer forum which meets regularly in order to discuss problems which arise from day-to-day work in the field, as well as other subjects which are important in working with yotzim: interface with the Army, interface with institutes of learning, private lesson placements, referrals for social and/or psychological support, etc.


Thank you Letter to Hillel volunteers (in hebrew)

About the volunteer course (in hebrew)

Note:  Whenever masculine pronouns are used, the intention is to both masculine and feminine.   

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