First questions


How can I get in touch with Hillel?

Our Open Line is available every weekday night. 

Telephone: 1-700-70-70-73 

Tel Aviv:

Sunday - Thursday: 18:00 - 23:00 



Monday - Thursday: 19:00 - 22:00


Additional telephone: 02-6221359


Open Line email:



First Questions


Who will answer my call to the open line?

Hillel volunteers and yotzim will Hhappily listen to you, answer your queries to the open line. They will direct you onward, if you decide to stay in touch with us.

See: Someone to speak with (hebrew)

In this article, published in Ynet, you can read about a phone call between a volunteer in the open line and a 20 years old fellow who called Hillel. (3.10.08)


Will Hillel protect my privacy?

Yes, of course. We promise to protect your privacy and that of any person in contact with us. We guarantee that any information you may give us remains confidential and is used strictly according to your instructions. You may use a pseudonym when talking on the phone with us.

Will Hillel try to convince me to leave?

Absolutely not!

We scrupulously avoid influencing people in their decisions about leaving the haredi world, believing, as we do, that each individual must make his or her own choices.

Hillel believes in the individual’s right to choose his/her own way, therefore we help only those who decide to leave the haredi world of their own free will.


What are the challenges I face in leaving the haredi world?


Leaving the orthodox world holds many challenges and obviously, they are different for each person. However, there are common struggles:


·         Detachment from the family and former environment

·         Adjustment to totally new social codes in the modern world

·         Adapting to a new, free and open world

·         Coping with isolation and the challenge in making new social bonds

·         The need to acquire new disciplines that will allow a successful integration into modern


·         Taking personal responsibility for a new lifestyle and achieving financial independence


See:   Leaving the Haredi world


How can Hillel help me?

Hillel offers help in many forms:


·         Personal mentors

·         Host families

·         A world of social support

·         Help in acquiring a modern education and professional training

·         Support groups

·         Help in preparing for military service.


See: Activities  

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