Programs and Services


Programs and Services

Hillel Centers:

From acute intake, counselling and social networking services; to subsequent stages empowering Yotzim to integrate into Israeli society via long-term education, employment/career, housing and life goals - Hillel centers are the heart of the organization.

Over 325 offerings annually, include:

●  Daily drop-in services from 10am to 10pm daily; on-site clothing bank and Hotline.

●  Comprehensive Group and Individual Counselling and Therapy services

●  Social and cultural activities, events and outings.

●  Women’s Group Therapy Sessions / Single-Mother’s Group Therapy Sessions

● Art and Music Workshops, Computer Courses, Fiscal Management Courses

●  Single-Mother Children’s Summer Camp and Social Club

●  Volunteer Training Events


Hillel hotlines at our Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa Centers field inquiries about Hillel services, and provide suicide prevention services, crisis intervention, psychological stabilization, emotional support, information, intake and referrals.

Hotline Information>> 

Housing Assistance:

Transitional housing in four apartments for up to 50 men and women aged 18 to 35 per year, in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Each apartment has a part-time social worker on site. Eligible Single-

Mothers with children for whom shared housing is not suitable receive monthly housing subsidies of 500ILS for up to 3 years.


Extensive individual and group counselling are provided by Hillel’s committed social work staff and clinical social worker volunteers. Hillel provides over 4,000 hours of counselling per year.

Academic Support Program:

● Occupational counselling and educational goal setting.

●  Tutoring and support towards completion of high school matriculation certification.

●  Scholarships to those studying at institutions accredited by the Israel Council for Higher Education, the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.

●  One-on one tutoring to bridge gaps and acquire necessary skills.

● On average, 92% of participants successfully complete and/or advanced in their intended course of study or certification each year.

Workforce Integration and Facilitation Program:

●  Introduction of job search resources.

●  Building job search skills such as résumé writing, interviewing, networking, etc.

●  Identifying career goals, and formulating plans for achievement.

●  Counselling and guidance throughout to overcome emotional and practical obstacles to success.

●  Individualized job placement aid

Military and National (Civilian) Service:

Serving in the IDF / National Service provides participants with the opportunity to meet Israelis from different cultural backgrounds and contribute to society as equal citizens. It also opens doors to broad areas of employment where army service is a requirement. With little or no preparation, and usually no family support during the challenging years of service, even those who are highly motivated to contribute require a considerable amount of support. Hillel social workers:

●  Work with the IDF to ensure that participants are placed in suitable units and are recognized as ‘lone soldiers’ with the appropriate benefits.

●  Provide those who serve with a one-time small grant, gift certificates and a modest rent subsidy that complements the IDF’s ‘lone soldiers’ subsidy and enables them to rent an apartment with roommates.

●  Maintain contact those who serve throughout their service to provide guidance and assistance as needed.

Single Mother Support Program:

Roughly 6% of Hillel participants are single-mothers.  Most are in their twenties, were pressured to marry at a young age, and had very little prior acquaintance with their spouse. Once they choose to divorce and leave the community, they are ostracized, and their parental rights are frequently interfered with.

Hillel programming for single-mothers includes:

●  Individual and group counselling to both build peer support networks and enable individualized problem solving.

●  Participation in Hillel center services and programs: Over 360 offerings annually.

● Weekend Workshop Retreats with free childcare, focused on topics specific to the women’s needs, and on cultivation of personal, financial, and employment skills.

●  Monthly Rent Subsidies for an initial 12-month period, after which mothers may apply for renewed support for up to 3 years.

●  Children’s Events, programs, summer camp and help with child care for this involved in programming.

●  Comprehensive Legal Aid for single-mothers.

Ha’Bayit shel Hillel (Hillel’s Home) Emergency Shelter:

HaBayit shel Hillel Emergency Shelter for Yotzim house up to 12 clients for 4 months at a time and provides full intake, counselling, risk-management and referral services. The shelter opened its doors in June 2015, and has been at full capacity ever since. It supplies protection, lodging, food, and support in a warm accepting environment. In addition to crises intervention services, some recreational activities are provided. If and when clients are ready, they may be referred to Hillel programs or to other appropriate agencies. Most shelter residents arrive following an intermediate or extended period of homelessness.


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