Our Mission


Our Mission


Hillel - The Right to Choose is an Israeli-nonprofit dedicated to helping young adults who have left the ultra-orthodox world integrate and lead successful lives as members of secular Israeli society.

Our participants have already made an independent decision to leave religious life and seek a different path. Our mission is to provide the tools, knowledge and support they need as they exercise their right to choose how to live, what to believe, and how to fulfill their enormous potential.

Leaving the ultra-orthodox world involves tremendous challenges. Those who leave are banished from family and other support, and may face isolation, financial distress, and homelessness; while struggling with enormous gaps in basic education, preparedness for employment, and housing needs.

Hillel is the only organization providing a wide range of programs and services to former ultra-Orthodox young adults in Israel, including: acute intake, counselling and community building services; as well as subsequent programming enabling members to fully integrate into Israeli society via long-term education, scholarships, employment/career, housing support, and other services.


The overall goal of all Hillel programs is self-sufficiency, upward mobility and empowerment for Yotzim in Israel.

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