Admission process


The admission process to Hillel begins with a phone call to the hot-line. If from this conversation between the potential yotze and the Hillel volunteer it appears that the yotze is mature and seemingly able to withstand the "yetzia" process and to form part of Hillel, a meeting is coordinated for the yotze with two Hillel volunteers.

The purpose of this meeting is to coordinate the yotze's expectations with those of Hillel and to evaluate his or her ability to become part of Hillel. During the meeting the yotze receives more detailed information regarding Hillel, its resources and activities.

If, further to the meeting, the volunteers recommend to continue the admissions process with the yotze, the latter is required to conduct a meeting with a social worker or psychologist. The aim of this meeting is the performance of an in-depth assessment of the yotze's ability to form part of Hillel and to successfully accomplish the "yetzia" process. It is also intended to improve Hillel's ability to provide the appropriate response to the specific needs of the individual yotze.

Following these two meetings the yotze is notified of the Admissions Committee's decision in his matter.

Any yotze who wishes to join Hillel is required to go through this process even if he has already been 'out' for several years.

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